In this talk we demonstrate the integration of CogniCrypt into different IDEs and editors such as IntelliJ, Android Studio, Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text and Microsoft Monaco with MagpieBridge. Instead of building plugins for each IDE or editor, MagpieBridge leverages the increasingly popular Language Server Protocol and reduces the mxn complexity problem to m+n. MapgieBridge is an extensible approach to Integrating program analyses into IDEs and editors that offer a default implementation of a language server. By means of this language server, it can provide a set of features such as displaying diagnostics, quick fixes, tooltips, reporting false positives out of the box. We will also compare the CogniCrypt Eclipse Plugin to MagpieBridge-based CogniCrypt in terms of supported functionalities. For a more in-depth presentation, we recommend to come to the talk on MagpieBridge at the technical track on Thursday as well.

Tue 16 Jul

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10:45 - 12:15
CrySL – How does CogniCrypt Know What is Right or Wrong, Anyway?Panathon at Epernay
Guest Talk: One Is Not Enough: Integrating CogniCrypt into Multiple IDEs and Editors with MagpieBridge
P: Linghui Luo Paderborn University
Session 2: CrySL – How does CogniCrypt Know What is Right or Wrong, Anyway?
Stefan Krüger Paderborn University